Hundreds of physicians, schools, clergy, employers, and area organizations trust Seasons Counseling of Michiana to provide care and counseling to their clients and patients.  

We are committed to making prospective clients’ path toward mental wellness a smooth one, which starts with making sure you, as the referring individual, have access to the information needed to make a referral you can count on.

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Referral Process made simple.

Just complete and fax the referral form with your patient’s information and we’ll call them to set up a first appointment.  
Fax: (574) 271-7202

of care.

New clients are encouraged to give us permission to share updates with their physician or other referring professional.  This allows us to work together with you to provide a collaborative approach to getting them the care they need.

Suggestions for how we can provide better care for our clients or a more streamlined approach for you?  

Contact our Executive Director, Alexandra Sobieski, at (574) 277-0274 or alexandra@seasons-counseling.org