Client Assistance Fund

Our mission states our goal of supporting the mental health of every life we touch. Unfortunately, many people never provide themselves the opportunity to access the support they need due to financial concerns.  To help with this, Seasons Counseling of Michiana’s Client Assistance Fund works to ease the financial burden for uninsured and under-insured people seeking counseling. 

Funded entirely by donations, our Client Assistance Fund has provided counseling services to hundreds of people who, without this help, may not have received the care they needed.

The Client Assistance Fund application process takes into consideration household size, income, and expenses, as well as access to affordable insurance coverage.  Contact our office today at (574) 277-0274 or info@seasons-counseling.org to receive an application, as well as instructions regarding the supporting documentation we require.

Interested in supporting the Client Assistance Fund? 

Gifts to Seasons Counseling of Michiana allow us to raise awareness about, and increase access to, mental health care in our community.  With your help, we will continue working toward having a healthier, happier, and more productive community.  Every gift matters.