Congregation Assistance Fund

Samaritan Counseling Center’s Congregation Assistance Program is a partnership to provide professional counseling services for hurting members of your congregation. 


How it Works

At no initial cost, we will send 10 vouchers that can be redeemed by your congregation members for 10 professional counseling sessions with any of our certified, licensed counselors. The member pays just $25 per session and the Center invoices your congregation at the end of the month for the redeemed vouchers at the reduced rate of $75 per voucher.

Our standard rates of service are $150 for initial assessment and $125 for subsequent sessions. However, as your partner in ministry through the Congregation Assistance Program, the Center discounts these rates to a total of $100 per session.

“Providing vouchers to our parishioners is a way of supporting them when they need therapy. Referring them to Samaritan Counseling Center is a guarantee that they will receive quality service.”

-Fr. Bill Schooler, St. Pius X